Moving On… Four Ways To Feel Like a Million Bucks

March 31, 2010 • Celebrity Style


Simona Kogan for Second City Style Magazine

I was “seeing” someone. We went out on four or five dates. I
thought it was really going somewhere and it seemed like he thought so
too. Apparently not.
He went the typical “player” route and stood me
up last night. We had a planned date. We were supposed to meet around a
certain time and though we never agreed on a particular time, it was
pretty set in stone.

Then he disappeared. No phone call, no text, no Facebook message. I
have absolutely no idea what happened to him and still don’t. I’m hoping
he’s not lying dead in a ditch somewhere. If he was really a man, he
would have called me and said, “Look I don’t think this is going
somewhere, I’m not interested.” Though it would have hurt, at least
he would have been honest.
But no, I got nothing.

So what did I do? I searched for my most sophisticated, vibrant
outfit, called my friends and went out for a night on the town.
had to. I was dying inside.

Ladies, I’m sure we’ve all been through this. But when it happens —
here’s a surefire way to get over it. Find your best attire, play the
role of your most favorite celeb, and make a statement.
Here are
the best ways to feel like a star:

Exaggerated Shoulders

I’m not sure why, but embellished shoulders always make me feel
cooler then everyone else in the room
. I don’t know if it’s because
of the trendy or the height—or the fact that I feel like no one can
overpower me. Guess celebs like Lady Gaga and Rihanna have
this in mind, because they wear them all the time. My favorite look as
of late — Whitney Port’s blue embellished shoulders dress at the
Ecco Domani Fashion Party in NYC. Of course, it was also a tribute to
the late fashion maestro Alexander McQueen. She looked like a
million bucks!

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