Marion Cotillard Travels to Shanghai in Lady Dior Campaign

April 1, 2010 • Fashion

Marion Cotillard in the newest Lady Dior campaign, called "Lady Blue"

Never has a high end handbag looked so breathtakingly gorgeous while clutched in a vintage/modernistic vignette. Marion Cotillard's latest chapter of her four-part ad campaign for Dior's Lady Dior, features the elegant beauty in Shanghai. The previous two installments showcased Cotillard entangled in some sort of espionage with an appropriately dapper Bond-like counterpart. The third image, shot by Steven Klein, maintains the theme with Cotillard struggling with some kind of an equally yummy secret agent type while the Shaghai's skyline looms majestically in the background. The Old Hollywood glamour of Cotillard and her Dior contrasts sharply against the  modern aesthetic of the city's skyscrapers, including the Oriental Pearl Tower, whose spherical accents reflect the quilted pattern in the Dior bag. The effect was not an accident, nor was the placement of the campaign in the bustling Chinese capital. Titled “Lady Blue,” the campaign will be followed by a 12-minute film directed
by David Lynch
that was shot in Shanghai last December. The mini movie
is to debut on on May 15, the same day John Galliano is
set to unveil Dior’s cruise collection in Shanghai.

Lynch is sure to pull out some mysterious oddities in the film, typical to his signature style. And though not much is known of the film so far, it will feature the spherical Pearl
building as the highlight of the adventure, just as the Eiffel Tower and Brooklyn
Bridge were in the first two episodes. “In the David Lynch film, Marion
is reciting a poem that he wrote, and was inspired by the Pearl Tower
itself,” John Galliano himself explained. “The words and building fuse in the
picture he paints on-screen. Shanghai is such a vibrant and inspiring
city." Stay tuned-teasers for the
Lynch clip will start running online April 20.

Article and Photo Source: WWD
-Alia Rajput 

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