Project Runway Season 7 Episode 11: Design A Red Carpet Look For A Difficult Client. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

April 2, 2010 • Fashion


Project Runway, you’re making me sound like a broken record! While there hasn’t been a whole lot of action or drama in the first half of the season, the past couple of episodes have been full of firsts, as if that would make the show more interesting. So why would this week’s episode be any different? Yes, once again Project Runway has another first, but if you saw any previews prior to the airing of the episode you knew what was coming…A designer was leaving the show on their own volition. It’s true, with only six designers left, one of them was opting out of the competition! I have to say I was in a bit of a panic thinking that Seth Aaron was leaving, although I couldn’t think of a single reason why he would want to go since he’s a sure thing in my book. But my worry was for not, Maya was the designer to opt out. I say “BOO” to Maya, who was probably fed up with not being able to win a challenge and decided to pack it in before the judges got the chance. But thank goodness she left because that means Anthony gets a second chance and we get to be entertained with his clever quips and funny commentary.


On top of Maya leaving, Seth Aaron’s model also jumped ship when she decided to take a job with DKNY, so there was a bit more playing of musical chairs. But these were just incidents that occurred during the morning of the challenge, a challenge that really had most of the designers in a fright…They had to design a red-carpet look in one day for Heidi Klum. Everyone was scrambling to make it work for this challenge and to make matters worse, Heidi came around with Tim to the workroom to give comments and opinions and even flash Jay her cleavage.


When it came to the runway show I, along with the judges, was a bit disappointed with what came out.  It was as if the designers had never seen what women wear on the red-carpet. Seth Aaron’s dress was well tailored, but lacked any sort of wow factor; Mila’s dress fit her model poorly and looked more like a cocktail dress then something to be worn to a red-carpet event, but both designers were save from elimination. Again, forgive the broken record, but this week there were two winners and Emilio was once again one of those winners and I agree whole-heartedly with that decision. His bronze, sequined dress looked phenomenal and it was all thanks to the fit and cut of the dress. Anthony, whose goal it was to impress himself at the end of this challenge, also impressed the judges with his easy to wear, versatile gown of black and white. Guest judge, Jessica Alba, was especially awed and awarded Anthony with the second win. (As an aside: Why was Jessica Alba there? What does she know of fashion besides occasionally wearing cute things? I was not thrilled with her presence, even though I think she’s quite cute and seems sweet, but, WTF?) Congrats to both Anthony and Emilio.

But on the other end of the runway we had Jonathan and, sadly, Jay. Jay’s dress, in my opinion, was a fun and cute party dress designed for a girl with no curves…not Heidi. So even though the dress was impeccably made and actually quite pretty, he was on the bottom because Heidi doesn’t want a big booty, and rightly so. However, Jonathan, who happens to be in the bottom all the time, is finally sent home. In his defense he created three dresses and only had two hours to complete the third look that was sent down the runway, all in the hopes to appease Heidi. But it didn’t happen. His dress looked, as Michael Kors suggested, a stuffed pillowcase. It was much too short, gave his model no shape and the color made her appear waxy… completely unattractive. So long Jonathan! Now there are only five designers left…

Emilio's Design "You are the winner!"

Anthony's Design "You are the winner, too!"

Seth Aaron's Design

Mila's Design

Jay's Design 

Jonathan, "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:

"I will not have a bump so think of me without the bump." Heidi Klum

"I want to be on the best dressed list, not the worst dress list." Heidi Klum
"You have thirty minutes to make or break yourself." Seth Aaron sings a ditty
"Quitters never win." Emilio
"That was a bit of a shock, yes?"
Tim Gunn

"Alright designers don’t disappoint Heidi." Tim

"If I make something I think is ugly the judges will probably like it." Jonathan

"Anyone of us could go, including myself, not, but I could." Seth Aaron
"Who wouldn’t want Anthony back? Heck who doesn’t like him, I like him." Anthony
"I figured you’d be able to talk your way back in." 
Seth Aaron
"And the day keeps getting weirder and weirder." 
"And Miss Thang is back."
"This reminds me a little like curtains." Heidi on Jonathan’s dress
"Oh lord, I’m sweating like a friggin’ pig." Emilio
"Heidi’s scared that I’m going to make her butt look big." Jay
"Right now I would like to send out a special message to Miss Maya: Thank you. And God bless you, too." Anthony
"There is something about me that likes to exaggerate certain areas on woman… I must like big butts." Jay
"It’s one movie on one side and another movie on the other side." Jessica Alba on Anthony’s dress
"There isn’t a woman on the planet who would say, 'Oh I want to have a big butt.'" Michael Kors on Jay’s dress
"If she takes a big step you’ll see butt cheek." Jessica Alba
"It did look like a bunched pillow case." Michael on Jonathan’s dress
"It looks like something that the Housewives of New Jersey would wear." Nina on Mila’s dress
"Mila’s talented and has good skills, but do we want to see more from her?" Heidi

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—Bonnie J Brown

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