Beauty Buzz. L’Occitane Launches Makeup Line

April 6, 2010 • Beauty

Lipstick from the new peony-inspired cosmetics line from L'Occitane

You know that indulgent feeling you get when slathering your dry, cracked hands in a dollop of creamy L'Occitane lotion? Yeah, we love it too. That's why we were uber excited to hear the decadent skincare line with the adorable old time-y apothecary look is planning a cosmetics line. The French beauty brand has created a floral-inspired collection of makeup, with the particular blossom of peony as its muse. “[The peony] is a symbol of beauty and femininity in the
Mediterranean,” said Laure Masson, the brand’s U.K. marketing manager, adding lore tells of a nymph named Paeonia
who was transformed into a thousand-petal flower by a jealous goddess. We're already getting envious ourselves, since the line will debut in the U.K. this month while we'll have to wait until later in the spring.

To get the true feel of the blushing blooms, L’Occitane worked with peony expert Jean-Luc Rivière, whose family has
worked with the flower for 160 years. Each product’s shade is inspired
by a peony variety. The yellow-hued Mine d’Or (or Goldmine in English)
peony inspired a bronzer dubbed Healthy Glow Face Powder. The peony of
the same name is featured on its cardboard container, as well as its
outer packaging. The color line itself is made up of 19 items, including
lipstick; lip shine; tinted water, which can be used on lips and
cheeks; lip balm, and illuminating powder. Makeup brushes and a
fragrance, Paeonia, are also part of the collection.
The eau de
toilette, which includes notes of bergamot, grapefruit, peony, rose
petals, sandalwood and white musk, and brushes will remain part of
L’Occitane’s lineup permanently. Prices for the cosmetics will range from about $13 to $30, with the fragrances topping out at around $40. Look for the products to start showing up in department and specialty stores starting In May.

Article and Photo Source: WWD
-Alia Rajput

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