Recapping the Moments of “Having a Moment”

April 6, 2010 • Fashion


There is really no way to recap Christian Siriano's "Having a Moment" and do it justice. The phrase "seeing is believing" truly comes to mind when watching this special. Instead of just stating the facts, I think some show highlights and quotes are in order. When watching the quotable, … er, do what the Romans do.

  • "What do you want me to say? ' I'm Christian Siriano aaaand I'm a tranny' or 'I'm a designer', what?'"-Christian starting up the show
  • "Forever 21, Anna Sui. Same thing."– Melissa, Christian's intern
  • "The shoes are amazing… The heel is inspired by a horn, kind of like an antler. I originally wanted it to be horns, and they were like, no, PETA would be like, "You killed dinosaurs!"-Christian explaining the heels on his recent collection of shoes
  • Speaking of those shoes, not much of a great product placement for Siriano's recent collection for Payless. Minutes before the runway show, all of those $79.99 shoes with zippers were literally falling apart. Good incentive to buy, huh?
  • "I'm so tired and the last thing I wanna do is make another damn dress."-Sam, Christian's assistant designer
  • "And it was just little Christian and his little like, …he had all the Asian interns in his car with him, so when he got out, it looked like Gwen Stefani with the Harajuku Girls coming out."-Sam explaining Christian's "Korean Posse" of interns arriving at Fashion Week
  • "I always get to watch the finale pieces, which are always the ones that I literally have, like, bled, sweat and probably cried on."– Sam
  • The very obvious, very awkward editing. Examples include showing a terrified dog while Christian's boyfriend sings, the insert of Christian explaining that he has to go to "NY Fashion Night Out", and the slo-mo when we are expected to know how stressful this business is… Le sigh.
  • And, how come Tori Spelling could not find Christian's studio? They are supposedly suuuuch good friends and there is also a camera pointed in your direction… that could be a big hint. And while we're on the subject of the ridiculous Tori Spelling…
  • "Lady, let's check your license 'cause it's not cute anymore," as well as, "Um, honey, you're skinny, and you have torpedo boobs. What can I do to help you?!"-Christian exclaiming why Tori Spelling is having dress problems.
  • A pleated chiffon and satin motorcycle jacket with a price point for $22?! Clever editing or true fact? Very sneaky, Bravo
  • The joys of being back home: asking your mother for cookies the second you walk in the door, begging her to also take down the embarrassing baby photos and newspaper clippings, and complaining to her that yes, you do have enough vegetables on your dinner plate.

Christian Siriano, man of the people and just like us (you know, if we all were fabulous little male fashion designers who came up with catch-phrases and quotes ad-nauseam, while designing 30 piece collection of insane dresses).

-Taneisha Jordan


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