Beauty Beat. Are Anti-Aging Serums All Hype?

April 7, 2010 • Beauty


Anyone who knows me knows I am willing to put almost anything on my face to find the Fountain of Youth. So serums are no big deal and I try them regularly! Do I think they work? Not really, but I buy into the hype that they are the new frontier for fighting aging as they supposedly penetrate deeper than creams. I guess I have just been looking for the right one for me.

Well, according to a Consumer Reports survey, I better keep looking! Er, what?  Apparently we had better get used to looking at our crow's feet because according to the magazine's actual face test…anti-aging serums are a dud.

Those pricey anti-aging serums (and ones that are not so pricey) that
promise a wrinkle-free face really do nothing. We would be better off
splurging on sunscreen or moisturizer, according to a new Consumer Reports survey of anti-aging products. Seriously? Well that saves me a lot of coin!

Consumer Reports conducted a survey of nine
facial serums (ranging in price from $13 to $67 per ounce and pictured above) and found
that none made significant improvements in wrinkles on the 79 people (ages 40-65) tested after six weeks of
use, which is longer than the recommended length of time to see results. Burt's Bees Naturally Ageless Intensive Repairing came in dead last
in the survey for fighting wrinkles. The
results were wildly inconsistent, with all of the products varying
in effectiveness from person to person.

Even the product that
tested the best — DermaSilk 5 Minute Face Lift — was hardly akin to
going under the knife, as its name implies. The tests
found the product showed a "slight" reduction in wrinkles after six
weeks of usage. Another product that showed a "slight" reduction in
combating facial furrows was Neutrogena Ageless Intensive Deep Wrinkle. Yet, not a single serum showed a dramatic improvement. Bummer.

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