Spring/Summer 2010 Trend: Dress Up the Sweats

April 8, 2010 • Fashion


American Apparel sweat-shorts, Lover sweatpants, Isabel Marant sweatpants

Lover sweatpants, Everlast sweat-shorts, Alexander Wang resort sweatpants, Isabel Marant sweatpants

Instead of your cropped pants feeling beads of sweat dripping down your body as you impatiently get through an hour on the treadmill, now they can feel your beaded shirt bouncing freely in the warm breeze as your heels stomp down on the street! Designers have exuded this comfortable alternative down runways in the past and again brought it back this year, keeping this trend’s heart pulsating.

Even though this trend seems like an easy one in the bag because of its comfort, it can be the most challenging to carry out. People, possibly those who don’t have a fashion sense, have an attitude towards sweats and may think those wearing them are lethargic. Wrong! This trend can be dressed up not only for daily errands but also even for a night out with the girls.

Take a look at jeggings. They were the undercover comfort that were deceiving to the eyes. With these cropped sweatpants, were pulling the mask off and bravely stepping forward to prove that fashion and comfort can intertwine.

How can anyone pass this trend up! Explore these pieces for starters.  



Items in this set:

1. Grey Crop Sweat Pant, $76

2. Multi Mix Bracelets, $65

3. Chloe Cotton-twill Blazer, $650

4. Lagence Tanktop Bow White, $200

5. Haute Hippie Sequin Jersey Sweat Pant, $295

6. Puma Fitness Premium Cropped Sweat Pant, $86

7. Grey Crop Sweat Pant, $76

8. Small Pushlock Satchel Bag, $90

9. Addison Wedge Ankle Boot, $160

10. Maggie Ward Black Sueded Silk Drawstring Sweat/Harem Pants, $190

11. Pollini Patent Peep-toe Shoe Boots, $694

Story Source: NY Mag

Photo Source: Refinery29

-Heather Youkhana

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