Project Runway Season 7 Episode 12: Create A High-end Runway Look Inspired By The Circus. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

April 9, 2010 • Fashion


What a circus! Not only was it the final challenge before Bryant Park and the episode that would decide who would go to New York Fashion Week, but the designers were instructed to create a high-end fashion look inspired from the circus, literally. The designers were treated to a personal show from the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus in Coney Island and after the clowns, jugglers and motorcyclists left the stage, Tim warned the designers that although it’s easy to create a circus outfit, it is not so easy to create fashion from circus inspiration. Nothing could have been closer to the truth, the amount of stripes, vibrant colors, shiny materials and over-all costume looks that went down the runway was pretty cringe-worthy, but the tailoring, and well-made garments made the elimination a bit difficult for the designers.


Emilio and all his cocky glory was the first designer to make it to fashion week. His dress incorporated multiple striped patterns, polka dots and a voluminous skirt. The judges loved it, Nina thought it was the best dress Emilio has made yet, but Tim had problems with Emilio’s look during construction, he thought that it didn’t incorporate enough color to fit the challenge, but there was and is nothing that will diminish Emilio’s enormous ego at this point. Seth Aaron finally used color in his design and while his look was true to his aesthetic, it looked a bit costumey. The red leather pants and striped jacket with accents of yellow looked much to big top to be high fashion, but his skills at tailoring and his consistency throughout all the challenges this season have him going to New York Fashion Week.


But that left three designers to fill one spot. It was obvious that Anthony’s lack of wow and the fact that his blue dress was made from POLYESTER that he was headed home once again.  The horror upon hearing that Anthony used cheap fabric had both Michael Kors and Heidi Klum leave their seats to investigate and they were not thrilled with their find.  This flub just went to show that while Anthony has great talent, he still has lots to learn. Jay and Mila both had ridiculous looking costumes gracing the runway. Mila designed a suit that incorporated a shiny jacket, a shiny top and shiny pants that somehow came out looking more vampire goes to the circus then high fashion. Jay created a great pair of twill pants (once again over-sized in the hip and thigh) and a red Michael Jackson military jacket. While both of them weren’t exactly winning looks, they each have shown the judges, including this week’s guest judge, Cynthia Rowley, enough to want to see a bit more from each. With a tie in the last challenge between Jay and Mila, they will create a line for fashion week, but only one will get to show at Bryant Park, so the drama and competition with Jay and Mila will continue!

Emilio – chosen first to go to Bryant Park

Seth Aaron – "You're going to Bryant Park!"

Mila – "You're going to Bryant Park! But—"

Jay – "You're are also going to Bryant Park! But only one of you will show on the runway!"

Anthony- "You are out."

Memorable Quotes
"I think there were eight shirtless men and all I could do was stare at every single one of them." Jay
"Alright fabric, talk to me; talk to daddy." Emilio
"When she comes out, I want people to pee themselves."
"Now I’m like a choo choo train, I’m rolling."
"Anybody have a yard stick? I might as well use my ass to measure this fabric." Anthony
"You went to the circus, where’s the color?" Tim on Emilio’s dress
"Tim, I thought I would be fine with my design books to prep for this show, but when I get back to Georgia I’m going to buy a dictionary." Anthony
"Bad Ass…Bad Bitch." Jay describing his look

"Is there a Good Bitch?" Tim Gunn asks Jay
"It’s so weird, every direction I go it’s wrong.
" Anthony
"I’m a prisoner in my own mind, almost." Anthony
"Oh, you’re making a Michael Jackson coat!" Anthony on Jay’s coat.
"I have to tell you I’m flipping f@!king out right now." Seth Aaron
"I think the pants are crazy crotch; they’d probably look a little better on you." Michael Kors on Seth Aaron’s pants
"A three hundred dollar dress made of polyester!?" Heidi on Anthony’s dress
"She’s like a big blue condom." Michael Kors on Anthony’s dress

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—Bonnie J Brown

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