SATC 2: Abu Dhabi is the “New” New York

April 9, 2010 • Lifestyle

Alright, this time it's for real… 

The official trailer for Sex and the City 2: The Movie was released and it does give a bit more insight as to why the girls are in Abu Dhabi.
It does give a special surprise that I'll leave up to you to find out. 

The movie is scheduled for a May 27 release. Expect to see more women wearing Halston and saris. 

And if you're already sick of SATC 2: The Movie, … I am sorry for the next few months of your life. This will be all you will be hearing about. 

-Taneisha Jordan

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  1. Kim says:

    ahhhhhh AIDEN!!! I can NOT wait to see this movie!

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