Celebrity Trends, Floral is The New Black.

April 12, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Yes, florals were a trend of seasons past.  Still, it looks like the trend is back and bigger then ever! Celebs are flaunting fierce florals as much as the rest of the world and we here at Second City Style have taken notice.  But there are those who can and those who can't in the world of floral–those who can wear it appropriately and make a statement and those that just look all wrong.  

Here are my very own Dos and Don'ts for wearing this top trend, with celebs as the prime examples of who can rock it and who can't figure it out.  

Emily Blunt 

DO wear a cute floral tank 

Emily Blunt looks casual cool in her cute sleeveless floral, ripped jeans, and flip flops. The shirt is sweet but definitely gives off a fun, playful vibe.

Mischa Barton

DON'T try to be trendy with your tee 

While Emily Blunt worked around her top, Mischa Barton was trying too hard to make her floral tie-up trendy.  We're all for trying new things, but would prefer she wore her high-waisted yellow jeans with a shirt that doesn't make her look like one of those Hawaiian tourists.

Jessica Alba

DO play up your youth by mixing tough and sweet

Jessica Alba may be a mom, but she can still work edgy and rocker chic and is playing up her mod twentysomething style, without going overboard.  A sweet Madewell frock is enhanced by opaque black tights, flat boots, and a tough leather jacket.  Be sure to try this at home! 

Lindsay Lohan

DON'T dress older than you are

We do love the print on Lindsay's floral frock, but we don't love the long length or those frumpy flats.  Lindsay tries a trend and fails badly.  She looks like a grandmother!


DO go for all over color in a trendy way

While we weren't certain she could really pull it off, somehow Rihanna makes her animal print heels and straw hat work around her bright floral shorts and white textured shirt.  If anyone can do it, Rihanna can!

Taylor Swift

DON'T try too hard to pair light and dark colors

While Rihanna's outfit certainly fit her fashion vibe, Taylor Swift's definitely didn't! something about the innocent white blouse and floral skirt just doesn't go with those dark chocolate brown boots.  I'd say that if you wanted to do the tough, yet sweet thing, you'd be better off buying off a hip leather jacket and some sultry sandals.

– Simona Kogan

Photos: WireImage


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2 Responses to Celebrity Trends, Floral is The New Black.

  1. Jenna says:

    I don’t think those yellow pants are flattering at all on Mischa, regardless of what’s on top. Taylor’s outfit would’ve looked so cute with some short gray cowboy boots!

  2. Wham Bam says:

    Man, Rihanna is HOT! Look at that skirt! I wish my girlfriend would dress like that! 🙂

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