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April 12, 2010 • Events, Fashion Shows

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Yana German

When I saw Yana German’s collection at the, “Fashion With a Heart” event on Friday which was held at The 900 Shops, I just wanted to burn all my work clothes and start anew. My office attire seems so dowdy compared to her streamlined silhouettes and elegant styling. Her blouses and trousers just hugged your body in all the right spots and allows you to move with such ease and grace. I felt like the models were just gliding towards me and each one of them looked extremely comfortable in head to toe Yana.

models_fashion with a heart 049_yana_german_yen_le_second_city_style

Models in head to toe Yana.

The designer’s background in dance and the extreme discipline that goes into pursuing that kind of passion has infused itself her her craftsmanship and in her collection. The way body moves and harmonizes with her designs are unparallel to any business casual wear I’ve seen on the market. I feel like she brings curves and softness to the structured workplace. This is a welcome change from the usual straight and narrow looks.

white_hoodie_fashion with a heart 005_yen_le_second_city_style black_white_yen_le_second_city_style_fashion with a heart 017

My favorite black and white ensembles.

My favorite details from the line included a pair of heather grey pants that featured full swinging godets in the lower side seam. So fun and full of movement with every step. The next piece was scalloped edged hooded tunic in a milky white color with strong ebony floral embroidery on the sleeves and vertically down the torso. I would love to wear this piece as an airy cover-up to lay out on a yacht, or pair it with one Yana’s superbly fitted trousers. Another fun item that the designer experiments with which reminds me of a traditional Vietnamese dress called in Aoi Dai that essentially a high slit dress over high-waisted wide flare pants. In Yana’s version of this ethnic ensemble, she makes it a bit more exciting by flashing a little skin with off the shoulder sleeves and multiple slits all the way up to the midriff. I love the direction she went with it and would definitely wear this lovely number to any occasion that would ask for me to don my native garb.

One other element that I thought was quite memorable was the way all the model’s hair was braided to go with the sleek ensembles. It was a really fresh look that Innovations, Salon of Naperville contributed to the fashion show. I really think that look will be a big hit this Spring/Summer.

I also thought that Yana played around with more pattern and color this season which she picked a wonderful color palette that would look great on a variety of skin tones. I hope she continues to parlay in these categories in her future collections.

yen_le_second_city_styleYANA fashion event April 9, 2010 Photos by Steve Starr 047

Guest and staff enjoying the show and soiree.

At the end of it all,the collection was a smashing hit and the designer was so happy after the show that she confessed she was on the verge of tears. Yana also reminded us that it wasn’t just about her clothes that night but about helping a great cause which was The Brain Research Foundation. I love a designer that support great causes and encourages others to do so too! I wish Yana German perpetual success in her future endeavors and the charities she supports!

-Yen Le

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Photos: stevestarr, Second City Style

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