Exclusive CORZO Chicago Event at Vosges Haut-Chocolat

April 19, 2010 • Events


Rob Casey, the CORZO attache & Katrina Markoff, Owner/Chocolatier of Vosges

CORZO/Vosges Haut-Chocolat event was probably one of the most tastiest affairs I've been to for Second City Style! As soon as I walked in the door I had a sweet and delicious libation called White Sand occupying my hand. The 40 percent alcohol content was deceptively disguised under white grapes juice and St. Germain. I slowly started mellow out from the hectic day and relax. I struck up a conversation with a few fellow foodies next to me and we swapped information on the best farmers market in Chicago and discussed the nuances that come with the organic food movement.


Vosges Haut-Chocolat Lincoln Park Boutique

A few moments later we were ushered into a candlelit alcove in the middle of Vosges store for our first tasting plate. Rob Casey, attache of CORZO and Katrina Markoff, Owner/Chocolatier of Vosges stood at the front of the table to introduce themselves and began to  guide us through the luscious world of tequila, chocolates, and cheese. Each tequila from CORZO was paired with two chocolates, a cheese, a water cracker to cleanse the palate. We started the tasting off with the mildest combination and as the evening progressed, so did the intensity of the flavors. My favorite pairing was the Cumin-infused Gouda with CORZO Tequila Silver and the Naga truffle. A divine mix that I will probably never forget because of its excellent interplay of flavors between each component.


Table Setting

Rob and Katrina took turns sharing their company's history, their inspirations behind their pairings, and tips on how to enjoy their spirits and sweets to the fullest extent.

Rob then showed us the correct way to sip tequila which was to swallow first and blow the air out second so that the oxygen does not hit the liquid. The result was that the liquid moved smoothly down the gullet  without hesitation and I was able to enjoy the aromatic notes on my palate.

After Rob's demonstration, Katrina taught us how to eat chocolate. The method on how to truly enjoy a bar or truffle can be established by utilizing all five of your senses. She has these techniques printed on all of her products in order to educate her clientele to fully experience the taste phenomenon that can happen when you concentrate on the present and the chocolate.


Both presentations were superb and I learned so much about food that night. I felt like I earned the bona fide title of fashionable foodie! I wish the night didn't end so soon and the plates of chocolate and glasses of fine tequila were full again! If you're like me and want to recreate that night, just pop over to Vosges boutique which will be selling the event's pairing in pre-packaged gift sets.

-Yen Le

Source: CORZO, vosgeschocolate

Photos: Erika Dufour

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