Shop Cops Michigan Avenue. April 2010

April 23, 2010 • Shop Cops

Michigan Avenue in Chicago can be a hotbed for hot mess fashion. It’s usually quite a sight when the weather is a tinge bit warm and the fashion offenders come out to sun their pasty selves from the long winter of being dormant. If you couldn’t catch the sights this week, don’t worry, that’s what Shop Cops are here for! We parole the streets and keep the fashion community alert of all the fashion sinners and winners each week for your viewing pleasure! Hope you enjoy and keep yourself out of our lenses.


On the Fringe of Insanity. Did this girl wake today and think to herself, “Hey, I’ve been really behind on this year’s trends so I’m going to knock them all out at once!” Show some restraint people! One thing at a time or you’re going to end up looking like Ms. Clueless in Chicago here.

shop cop michigan 021

Trashy Vs. Classy. I think this round goes to the woman wearing the stylish zebra printed trench and the bold red bag. She gets a perfect 10 from me!  Trashy on the other hand, gets –10 for displaying no class in her booty shorts and ostentatious footwear.

shop cop michigan 001

Hot Mess on Board. Baby and I are both in awe by mommy’s fashion faux pas! Jeez Louise, why would you pair a windbreaker with some wrinkly pedal pushers and beaten up hiker boots? Is is that much effort to slip on a fitted shift, a nice bright cardigan, and some stylish flats?


Where to start? I’m literally dizzy and sick with all the clashing of patterns and colors. Her zebra arm doesn’t even look like it belong to her! I think she might of ripped up two very good looking coats and created this Frankenstein of a jacket. I’m surprise there isn’t an angry mob with pitchforks right behind her.

shop cop michigan 010

T.M.I. If she had a quarter in her back pocket, I probably would of been able to have read where that coin was minted! Seriously ladies, tights are not pants. The sooner you comprehend this matter, the sooner I'll stop posting pictures of your derriere!

 shop cop michigan 015 

Magnifique from head to feet! Even though there was a bunch of bad fashion out that day, I regain hope in Chicago style after I saw this girl strolling across the courtyard. She looked absolutely lovely in her perfectly fitted boyfriend jacket and her crisp upturned cuffs. She added a touch of luxury with flints of gold hardware from her LV messenger bag and front zip leather boots. An ideal ensemble to walk down fashionable lane. (You'd think her friend learn some tips from her!)

-Yen Le

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