Please Don’t Let This Be a Trend…

April 28, 2010 • Male Box


As a Chicagoan, I personally cannot think of anything worse than wearing animal fur, though I can see its purpose during the cold winter months. A few designers have found something to trump even that.

The VF Daily reports that rat fur is the new thing for menswear Fall/Winter 2010. Since rats serve no real purpose, it is known as the "responsible fur". And not only are designers using rats, they're using 20 lbs. rats (Gross!).

"I love the masculinity of it. It's sort of the bad-ass fur," [Alabama-based designer Billy] Reid explains. Giles Mendel sourced his fall 2010 collection fur in Canada. "Tougher than mink," he says, adding that nutria's combination of coarseness and shine lends it "an androgynous feeling" and "a certain modernity."

All I can say is … ew. I've seen the alleys of Chicago. I would not want anything that is living in those dirty alleyways to end up on my coat.

-Taneisha Jordan

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  1. MzMelanie says:

    Sorry but I think it’s gross!!

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