Drugstore Beauty Find: L’Oreal’s Telescopic Lengthening and Lash by Lash Separating Mascara

April 30, 2010 • Beauty

As I have mentioned, I am trying to step out of the department store and Sephora and into the drugstore for my beauty purchases. The snob in me gave up on drugstore cosmetics when I was too old to continue wearing Love's Baby Soft, AquaNet and Coty powder. So far L'Oreal has been the clear winner in the category, but I digress.

When I was getting may hair cut about six weeks ago at Davide Torchio Salon here in NYC, I noticed the woman washing my hair had the most amazing long eyelashes I have ever seen. I knew they were not false lashes, but I was pretty sure she was using Latisse. So of course, I had to ask. Heck, I'm even using Latisse. Isn't everyone? She told me she was not using Latisee, but genetically blessed AND had discovered the most amazing mascara. "Do tell!" I implored. She went on to tell me she uses L'Oreal's Telescopic Lengthening and Lash by Lash Separating Mascara. "It has to be the gold one, not the silver! I have tried both!" Who was I to question? Her lashes were a mile long and there were no visible clumps. Trust me, I had ample time to check as I started up at her while she was scrubbing my head.

Needless to say I stopped in my local Duane Reade on the way home and carefully selected my gold packaged black mascara. I couldn't wait to try it! Well, my lashes have never looked longer or better! Yes, Latisse is partially to credit, but when I started using this mascara, I had only been using Latsisse for about a week and the lengthening results of the mascara were immediate! This stuff is truly AMAZING! Let's face it, the precision applicator is to credit. I have learned mascara is all about the brush/applicator.

So run, don't walk to the drugstore and pick yourself up a tube. Let me know what you think!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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