Floral Frenzy

May 2, 2010 • Magazine

Floral Frenzy

Floral Frenzy

Tue, 2000-05-02 09:00

Joseph Ungoco

April showers bring… May Flowers! Although the recent chilly weather in the Northeast has delayed the complete arrival of Spring in all its floral glory, flowers are popping up everywhere. You don’t have to go to the Macy’s Flower Show or the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to see bright colored blossoms. You can see them in all of your favorite stores in person or online. Here are a few of my favorite floral items for Spring 2010 from online retailers. Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

Before you haul out your Gucci silk floral print pumps from Resort two-thousand-forgotten, let me just catch you up on the “new” floral in shoes. Forget solid color pumps with 3-D flowers attached or even floral print fabrics, the latest way to wear floral is on the heels of everyone’s favorite way to wear a high heel, the super comfortable and ultrastable wedge sandal. You’ll be able to run marathons in these – or simply leave your double platform wearing competition in the dust while you clean up at the latest sample sale. See by Chloe offers the most stylish take on the classic cork wedge – a floral design etched into the wooden wedges and athletic shoelace ballerina straps. With all of the buzz lately about workout wear being the latest frontier that fashion folk are tackling, you’ll be right at the forefront of fashion.

Normally, I am not one to advocate flats – ever – but for those of you who have relishing the latest obsession with ballet flats, Prada‘s flat sandal with leather flower accent may just be the perfect summer shoe for you. For the glamour addicted among you – you know who you are – this season’s Valentino high heeled sandals feature the sexiest cascade of organza flowers you have ever beheld, let alone worn!

If bags are more your thing, you are no doubt already coveting the most talked about bag of the season, the crocheted classic Chanel flap bag with crocheted flowers. If you aren’t already on the wait list, then forget it and look to other pastures to feel your floral fixation. Judith Lieber‘s Marguerite evening clutch is slightly more attainable, if not very much less expensive. For all you Sex and the City fans, when you’re not obsessing over the latest internet gossip about which brands will be featured in the new movie, you can obsess about the latest limited-edition Fendi Baguette – in woven straw with hand embroidered flowers. Every girl needs a Baguette – or perhaps a baker’s dozen of them!

I’ve been easing you into spring florals with accessories – just in case you’re the type who is switching her urban power executive wardrobe from your fall/winter blacks to your spring/summer blacks. If you’re not afraid of color or you’re simply the type of woman who never takes a seasonal trend halfway, then there are some great floral dress options for you this season. Chanel and Christian Dior, the staples of ladylike dressing since the middle of the last century, are seeing their classic silhouettes on a whole new generation of women. Dior‘s patchwork floral and lace day dresses are certainly not your grandmother’s and a far cry from Nellie Olsen’s fashion statements on Little House on the Prairie. Chanel‘s classic skirt suit gets the updated treatment in crochet, with appliquéd flowers. The look is definite coquette!

On a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia, I couldn’t help but notice how much more Spring had taken ahold of the rest of the country. Perhaps I’m still reeling from the inescapable and intoxicating fragrance of the honeysuckle and the nigh blooming jasmine, but I definitely have flowers on my mind. Hopefully, you’ll find your very own way of wearing them this spring!

1. See by Chloe Red Canvas Wedges $339
2. Prada Yellow Leather Floral Detail Flat Sandals $396
3. Valentino Floral Organza Sandals $1250
4. Judith Leiber Marguerite Crystal-Embellished Clutch $3995
5. Fendi Floral Baguette $1960
6. Christian Dior Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
7. Chanel Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
8. Chanel Crocheted Bag

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