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May 3, 2010 • Events

  cece_melinda_shop_in_chicago_yen_le_second_city_style 009cece_melinda_ms.catwalk_shop_in_chicago_Yen_Le_Second_City_Style

Here I am trying out the Kwof iron and a cute coat from Ms. Catwalk.

Covering events for SCS can be a tough gig sometimes. I mean, who wants to show up to the swanky Park Hyatt of Chicago on a Saturday afternoon to shop, sip champagne and have someone gently coif their hair to look like a movie star? Doesn’t everyone prefer to stay at home, shop on the internet, sip juice straight out of the carton, and quickly spin their hair into a crazy spidery bun so they look like psycho granny instead of a silver screen hottie?

Umm, I hope everyone prefers choice number one, especially when the shopping event was thrown by the Cece & Melinda, the fabulous duo with Raymi Productions. They had an excellent lineup of designers that were offering generous discounts for this special occasion and everyone brought their best merchandise. While shoppers were admiring the lovely wares, they could have their make-up done by Dior or try out the new Kwof iron by hair stylist Paul Vaugn and PHI. I didn’t personally get to try the complimentary consultation with Dior but I did try the angled flat iron that kept my hair super curly and gorgeous for two whole days!


Zamrie Wesley Tunic and Ying Ying Yang Ltd. Structure Jacket.   

Other knockout items that I was impressed with that day were blouses from Zamrie which both Cece and Melinda have both worn to one to on of their events. A pair of True Blue Crystal Quartz Earrings from Tzen Boutique that made me wish my ears were pierced and folded gold necklaces from Diana Widman which Rachael Ray has worn on her show. Also, Ms. Catwalk boutique was there which is one of my favorite stores on Damen and Ying Ying Yang Ltd. had a jacket that so laboriously constructed that the designer will not produce another after the one at the show was sold. It was very beautiful and I almost cried because I knew how much work she had to put into making that jacket!

cece_melind_shop_in_chicago_diana_widman_design_yen_le_second_city_stylecece and melinda_ms_catwalk_yen_le_second_city_style

Diana Widman Design Gold Necklace and me in another dress from Ms. Catwalk.

I had an immense amount of fun at this event and this beats my usual Saturday routine any day! If you loved something that I’ve shown or described, you can always hit up the designer at their studio or website since they’re based here in Chicago and everyone of them are more then willing to cater to you. When Cece & Melinda threw this Shop in Chicago event, they actually meant it in every way.

-Yen Le

Source: raymiproductions

Photos: Second City Style, yingyingyang, miccimicci, zamrie, tzen

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