Gifts for Momma. Second City Style’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 5, 2010 • Magazine

As a woman FINALLY celebrating her first Mother's Day, this holiday holds special meaning for me now. Hey, it also means another day of gifts! Woot!


Helen Ficalora charm necklaces (in 14k gold or sterling) are all the rage in NYC. Pile them on and make a statement. I would love the 'L' for my son Liam and a dog paw print on for Nigel Tufnel. But the selection is vast. Get one here, or call Helen Ficalora as as of now, you can't order on her site. Shopbop carries the sterling collection only.

Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong Rose Mixed Pink Bouquet of 6 $130

OK, this might not be appropriate for every mother (um, like mine) but come on! Flowers are so predictable, no? Hanky Panky thongs are the bomb. So drop your husband a major hint and tell him roses were so last year!

Monica Rich Kosann's 18K gold & sterling lockets are perfect for carrying pictures of children and grandchildren close to Mom's heart. The locket pictured above is $795 and the gold version is $1950. Visit Monica Rich Kosann here.

Yummie Tummie Chiffon Tier Top $96

I'm a mummie whose obsessed with hiding her tummie, so I am all over this Yummie Tummie Chiffon Tier Top. In fact, I want it in all of the available colors. This new summer “must have”
has the patented hidden Yummie Tummie 3- panel system on the inside
layer. So you just helped Mom lose 10 lbs. instantly and how could she NOT love you for that?

Barnes & Noble Nook eReader

I know this is what my mother actually really wants…an eReader. However she is afraid her favorite bookstore will go out of business if she goes this route. Enjoy over 1 million titles within seconds! How cool is that? Ships free for Mother's Day.

Barnes & Noble Nook $259

Rosena Sammi "Mother" Sanskrit Kismat Collection Necklace

Perfect for the woman who doesn't like to be obvious! Available in silver and gold $88/99 at

Doesn't Mom deserve the best? Then nothing but Oprah's favorite watch will do! Philip Stein watches aren’t just chic, they have an exclusive natural frequency technology that has been proven to improve sleep and help with the body’s biorhythms. This version is from the Signature Collection and costs $640, but you can shop the entire collection at

Lush's Mum Hatbox

Look, for everything Mom has done for you, isn't it time she pamper herself? There are more than enough bath and body products to keep her lushly lavished. Includes a
flower-shaped Sakura, the new Dorothy Bubble
Bar, Happy Blooming melt, Miranda and
Porridge soaps, strawberry cream wash and…not to mention the hat box! Lush Mum Hatbox $59.95

Cole_Haan_Havana _Thong
Is your Mom hip? Well then how about this Cole Haan Havana Thong? It's $98 and super cute. She will wear them all summer and think of you!

Cole Haan Havana Thong $98


Alex Woo Little Number 3 in 14 kt White Gold with Diamonds. How many children does Mom have? Well she can wear the number proudly for all to see (also great for Grandmas). This one shown is $748, but the options include yellow gold and sterling silver with prices starting at $138 for sterling. Visit for options!

Is Mom modern and energetic? Then she will love this scent! Inspired by C.O. Bigelow’s cult favorite Original Formulary Lemon Body Cream, this freshly scented Eau de Parfum blends effervescent citrus notes with green lemon leaves and creamy undertones of warm white musk and vanilla. Yum. C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries Lemon Eau de Parfum $34.50. C.O. Visit for store locations.

Canon EOS Rebel XSi
Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera

Dang. Here is something else I'd like. I think this is turning more into a wish list for me! But, come on, I'd like to take better pictures of my beautiful son and this one takes great pictures. Just ask my friend Vera who turned me on to it!

She took this:


I took this:

Just sayin'

Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera $575

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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3 Responses to Gifts for Momma. Second City Style’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Carol says:

    Liam looks too cute in his head on shot!

  2. Violet says:

    I had to laugh seeing your Dr. Brown’s bottle in the shot. As a new mother as well, I now know the importance of Dr. Brown’s bottles. And I think I’d appreciate the hanky panky bouquet too now that I’ve had a child.

  3. Lauren-Second City Style says:

    Hanky Panky also has thongs that say “Mom” on them. I have a pair! Aren’t Dr. Brown’s bottles the best? Funny I just realized you can see his baby monitor, tummy time mat and of course the dog in the background! Congrats on your new addition. Isn’t it the best?

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