My Lastest Obsession: The Lilyette Custom Fit Minimizer Bra

May 6, 2010 • Accessories


I realize this may come as quite a shock, but not all of us want Heidi Montag sized boobs. In fact, some of us would like a little less than what we have. With all of the bra push-ups, gel cups and cutlets on the market today you would think every woman wants something they don't have. Well I'm offering up some of mine!

Let's face it, clothes fit better when you are smaller than a D cup. Since I had my baby, I want to minimize what God gave me. That's right…I want to appear smaller. So I am obsessed with my new Lilyette® Custom Fit® Lace Minimizer® Bra!

It looks like every other bra I own and is just as comfortable, yet it makes me look about an inch smaller and my tops fit better. The Lilyette® Custom Fit® Minimizer® is engineered to increase its
minimization as the size of the cup increases, making sure that this bra
is a perfect fit for every body. Brilliant! I just had to share as I find I am not usually alone when it comes to my quest for looking smaller these days.

Here is a link to the Lilyette Minimizer I'm obsessed with (on sale for $25), but there is an array to chose from.

Shop Lilyette Mimimizer bras here.

* Note, order your true size, not the size you aspire to be.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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