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May 6, 2010 • Lifestyle

Update your Netflix queue with some of the best
fashion-centric flicks to hit the big screen.

Amanda Aldinger

 for Second City Style Magazine

As deep as my undying love for fashion goes, I love films just as
much. I'm not particularly elitist about it – my penchant for all
things Bruce Willis is well known amongst my friends
. And although I
love anything involving the film festival circuit, I can just as easily
watch B-list horror films and Lifetime movies on repeat at any
time. But some of my favorite films are those about fashion, and I'm not
just talking The Devil Wears Prada. I think it's essential to be
a culturally well-rounded individual, and for as much as we read about
our favorite fashion personalities, there's something special about
seeing their lives played out on camera and fashioned for the big
screen. Over the winter, I sought to expand your fashionable library,
and now, as the seasons are changing, get ready to queue it up with
the Top 5 Must-See Fashion Films
– perfect for cocktail and hors
d'oeuvres nights with your friends, or just for you, and a bottle of

1. Lagerfeld Confidential - A bizarre
wunderkind of a genius, there is perhaps nothing better than watching
Karl Lagerfeld unabashedly move about his home (the opening scene of
which showcases a fireplace mantle lined with docked iPods of various
colors and styles) and life with the grandiosity to which he is so
accustomed. Lagerfeld's influence on the fashion world is one of the
most profound in the history of the industry – to hear him discuss his
work, and mingle with fashion's most sensational key players is like a
dream come true.
Functioning like an extended interview, the film is
filled to the brim with Lagerfeld's extraordinary tales about his life
(including his slave-driving mother and belief in prostitution). Not to
mention the fact that he's completely absurd – it's nice to put all of
his inane quotables into a visual context. Without question, a

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