Taneisha’s Mother’s Day Tribute: Looking in a Mirror to the Future

May 6, 2010 • Lifestyle


Taneisha Jordan

I can still remember to this day, sitting on the edge of my mother bed, watching her get ready for the day. She would always meticulously put on her makeup, making sure that it was as flawless as can be, all while making sure her curls were just right. Clothing she picked out the night before was always pressed and ready, hanging on the outside of her closet. She never failed to impress, even when she was just making a quick trip to pick up some groceries.

The nights she went out were always the nights I loved to watch her transform. She would wear her signature eyeshadow, pink and blue, as well as the biggest, boldest gold earrings she could find. I would always lend my input into what earrings she would wear for the night. Basically, the prettiest colors at the time won. And even though most of the time it matched nothing she had on, she would still wear them for me.

Sewing has always played a big part in my family. My grandmother sewed and since my mother was a tall woman, she had to learn quickly just to keep up with the latest trends on her tall frame. Color and close-fit always played a part in her outfits. Between jumpsuits and dresses and pieces put together, she always had a flair for the dramatic yet practical.

And even though my mother no longer wears the same type of clothing (several leather miniskirts have been found in old trunks), she still keeps the same flair, making sure every piece is ironed the night before.

Its a running joke in my household that since we're the same size, I currently borrow her clothes and shoes. And for that 1980s jewelry I was so fond of as a little girl? I'm not ashamed to say that I have most of it sitting in my jewelry box. Okay, her jewelry box but she let me borrow it!

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