The Best Pic EVER from the Met Costume Institute Gala

May 7, 2010 • Celebrity Style


Bear with me—I just HAD to talk about this pic after stumbling upon it and literally doing a double take. After running through page after page of the Oh wow! and Oh no! looks from the Met Costume Institute Gala all week long, this for me takes the cake. Notice: Andre Leon Talley—editor at large for Vogue and scathing judge du jour on America's Next Top Model—brought out the big guns in a voluminous, almost clerical looking take on his traditional muumuu garb (what, does he think he's like the Pope of the fashion world?) which only looked that much over the top from the fact that his date, Whoopi Goldberg, was wearing a similar but less impressive version at his side. Cut to: Anna Wintour, Talley's boss, (and perhaps the closest thing to an actual Pope of the fashion world), looking almost tranquil and reprieved as if she's blessing the evening with her touch. Add in the omnipresent Oprah to bear witness and it truly looks like some divine meeting of the minds.

Or something even more—New York magazine's caption hit the nail on the head and said exactly what I had been thinking while grinning at this pic." Oh look," it cries out, "it's like the wedding of our dreams!" And indeed it could be—Talley and Goldberg's white resplendence, Oprah serving as a witness along with who could only be Wintour's cowering assistants in the background (a la Devil Wears Prada) and of course Wintour herself, ordained by her own right and bestowing a Madonna-like rite onto the happy couple. Sigh, Of course none of this could ever be possible in real life. But even so,  I think we may have found the closest thing to a modern day Da Vinci shot. Love it!

Photo Source: NY Mag
-Alia Rajput

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