Stylish Skyscraper Sandals for Sale… If You Dare

May 10, 2010 • Accessories


You think you can handle those 6-inch stilettos? Well, how about 12-inches?

Once again, another shoe designer is pushing the limits on how far a person is willing to walking in the name of fashion. Mihai Albu, also known as Romanian's "shoe architect", has created several pairs of shoes that dabble between skyscrapers and works of art.

"I am creating a constructed chaos," Albu said, when describing the heels. "Heels have an advantage because (many women) don't have long legs.They reposition the waist."  

The handcrafted sandals are retailing for up to $1,525, or 1,200 euros at the current exchange rate.



The infamous 12 inch heels … shoe atop of shoe atop of shoe  

-Taneisha Jordan

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  1. Chloeeeee says:

    My eyes say YES!
    My feet say NOOOOO!!!
    Hahahah I love the look of them though, wonderfully creative yet totally impractical. I love it!!

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