New Ways of Living With Vintage

May 11, 2010 • Fashion


Becky Ellis for Second City Style Magazine

As I imagine most vintage lovers to be, I am a pack-rat. I am
sentimental about objects and fascinated with their histories;
like to keep old things – especially old things that once belonged to
family members or people I love – because they feel valuable and somehow

This is very impractical. I would blame it on cramped New York living
quarters, but my mother's house (a three bedroom which she added on to
because she has so many treasures she can't part with) is also bursting
at the seams. But this article isn't about tossing what you love…
exactly. It's about living with them in ways that let you appreciate
them. Inspired by Monica Rich Kossan's web site, The Fine Art of
Family, and her new book Living With What You Love, here are a few ideas
for incorporating less-used but sentimentally valuable vintage items
into your daily life.

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