Crystal Renn Walks in Chanel

May 14, 2010 • Fashion

One of Renn's three looks for the Chanel show

Apparently, Karl Lagerfeld picking anyone over a size 2 for a Chanel show is a pretty big deal.

Plus-size model Crystal Renn walked the Chanel Cruise 2011 runway show in St. Tropez for the first time on Monday.“Each girl was cast because of her sense of individuality,” Lagerfeld said enthusiastically. 

Andre Leon Talley even noted that having Renn in the show could be seen as "groundbreaking". "Lagerfeld had cast the show with a slightly more curvaceous model named Crystal Renn, not seen on any Chanel catwalk before," Talley explained. "This in itself was groundbreaking for the house, but there was also the return of personality models encouraged to be themselves instead of robotic look-alikes."


To be honest, I'm still not seeing the "plus-size" in this pictures… Size 12? Don't think so.

-Taneisha Jordan



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One Response to Crystal Renn Walks in Chanel

  1. Chloeeeee says:

    I don’t see the plus either. To me she looks like a beautiful, normal, healthy girl that can strut and take a fierce picture. I feel like modeling should be about working the clothes, not being a walking clothes hanger. I MUCH prefer her look as opposed to some of these high fashion models. All are beautiful girls, but health is such a huge issue…

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