WTF! The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

May 14, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Ashley Olsen at a Belvedere vodka party in New York

Comment: Oh my god! Someone let in a homeless person to a swanky New York party…oh wait, that's just Ashley Olsen. The ingenue designer can always be counted on to turn out gorgeous clothes for her two fashion lines, yet still can't seem to bring herself to leave the house not looking like a slob. For shame.

She's Thinking: I'm wearing the entire fall line for The Row.

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle at the premiere of "Letters to Juliet" in L.A. 

Comment: I'm not really sure who this little diva is either, but it seems she's determined to make a statement on the red carpet. Her see-through, cut-out, lacy number is not only dated but its also seasonally inappropriate. You're in L.A.! At least make the most of the fact that you're not freezing like the rest of us and don't wear what looks like an old sweater that you cut up and pulled down to pass off as a dress.

She's Thinking: Didn't you know? I'm also an up and coming designer

Theodora Richards at the "Stones in Exile" screening in New York

Comment: Speaking of dated, just because you're attending an event honoring The Rolling Stones in their heyday (and are related to one one of them at that), does not mean you need to channel the swinging 60's by draping yourself in an ugly tablecloth. These patterns, just like the hallucinogens that people took to wear them, should never, ever become popular again.

She's Thinking: Free your mind, man.

Lyne Renee at a "Robin Hood" party in Cannes

Comment: This avant-garde gown is a little bizarre, though I do like the sculptural qualities of it. Unfortunately, the only thing I can think of when looking at the drapey top half is how much it resembles Celine Dion's classically horrible backwards suit, a fashion blunder so disastrous it still sometimes wakes me up at night. So anything that brings that disturbing image to mind needs to get its very own WTF.

She's Thinking: The curse of Celine strikes again.

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput

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