New Job: New Look

May 15, 2010 • Magazine

New Job: New Look

New Job: New Look

Mon, 2000-05-15 02:00

Rachel Yeomans

About a month ago, I received some amazing news that turned out to set my life (and my wardrobe) onto a whole new path: I got a new job! New opportunities, new responsibilities, a new commute, and of course, new office attire. I came from a “work from home” position, so I was a bit frantic before my first day on going through the “getting ready for work” process after not going through it for at least three years.

The office dress code is business casual, and the best part is, they allow jeans! I wanted to make sure that I represent a professional demeanor while still exuding my own style – all the while not breaking dress code. Here are some ideas I came up with.

First of all, as I’m now commuting to an office versus rolling out of my bed and sauntering to the couch, my wakeup call is a good three hours earlier than I’m used to. Therefore I require easy ready-to-go outfits as my fashion judgment is slightly off kilter before my required second cup of coffee.

Since we’re entering into the warmer months, I definitely love the notion of bringing some dresses and florals into the work environment. With that being said, I don’t want to chance that the air conditioning won’t send chills down my spine despite the summer air. Along with my summer dress, a summer wrap or cardigan definitely needs to be included in my new work ensemble.

Finally, part of my job is running back and forth between meetings all day and sometimes between buildings. That being said, comfortable shoes are a must. I mainly own heels and slippers, so therefore I definitely needed to invest in some flats and heels with perhaps a little less height and a little more foot cushioning.

Armed with my new work wardrobe and a new job title, I feel that I’m ready to take on the new position with both vigor and fashion-ality!

1. J. Crew Tweed Contessa Dress $119.99
2. Lela Rose Short Sleeve Tucked Front Sheath $950
3. Leifsdottir ‘Patchwork’ Cardigan $248
4. See by Chloé Wool Blend Cardigan $395
5. Diane von Furstenberg Ibiza Cardigan $245
6. ECCO Women’s Bouillon Flat $119.95
7. Vivienne Westwood by Melissa Women’s Anglomania Ultragirl Iv Flat Ballerina $130

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