Beauty Buzz. Perfect Formula’s ‘Mood’ Nail Polish

May 17, 2010 • Beauty

The new, mood-reflecting summer line by Perfect Formula

Remember how big the mood ring was when you were a kid? Worn loosely on your tiny fingers, the ring was expected to reflect your emotional state at any given time through a variety of random colors. Blue meant relaxed, black was nervous and green was considered the "average" mood ring color, meaning you weren't emoting any one specific feeling at that particular time. The whole thing was pretty cool at the time, especially when you would get anywhere within your crush and wait for the ring to flare up with your heart's desire.

Now that we've all grown up, we may not put as much stock in the accuracy of thermo-chronic technology, from which moods rings were inspired, but that doesn't mean we won't run out and buy Perfect Formula's new line of "mood" nail polish when it debuts this summer. The line claims to be affected by changing body temperatures, moving from cool, deeper tones to warm, brighter ones depending on your mood. The cooler tones reflect the state of the body when it is relaxed and temperatures are lower. Bright tones mean excitement or tension as the body heats up. But what about when we're just feeling in between? "A lot of times, your nail beds and tips will be different temperatures, so it looks like a funky French manicure!" founder Shari Gottesman claims. Coming from a long line of paint manufacturers, Gottesman switched gears into nail polish in the 90s. The colors in her new mood-reflective line all start in the form of creamy pastels, ranging from pale yellow to melon to lavender, before they're altered either by the wearer or, admittedly, the environment (think: wrapping your hands around a mug of hot coffee.)

And while we're not sure the colors will actually transform as a result of our ever-changing moods, it definitely seems a worth a try, and Gottesman insists its a great polish to boot. "All of my polishes contain keratin and calcium to strengthen nails,
and I use a higher percentage of raw materials for a slightly thicker
polish that dries harder and stronger.
And since I go straight from
manufacturing right to the retail counter, I can do it for much less
than anyone else can." Perfect Formula's  "mood" nail color line will launch in June on the television shopping network, QVC, as well as

Article and Photo Source: Stylelist
-Alia Rajput

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