SJP: Brand Empress or Money Laundress?

May 18, 2010 • Fashion

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Halston Heritage in posters for 'Sex and the City 2'

'Sex and the City 2' premieres next week, in all of its lavish, extravagant glory. As an extension of the series that built up an impressive cult following, the movies do their job of painting a utopian dream world where everyone wears Prada and Jimmy Choos to brunch, gets the best table at every coveted restaurant, and goes home with the hottest guy at the bar. And at the helm of this fantasy, stands Sarah Jessica Parker—star of the film, executive producer and regal queen of the entire multi-million dollar empire. The series catapulted Parker to superstardom and made her arguably the most influential fashion icon in Hollywood. Between that and her slew of other profitable ventures, one would think that SJP would be content to rest on her laurels while the money funnels in. Not so, says The New York Post. A recent article investigates the tendencies that Parker is quickly becoming known for, which can only be described as reprehensible.

Parker is being called out on a penchant for pinching valuable swag from the 'SATC' movie set. On a movie set brimming with a bounty of high end goodies, Parker allegedly helped herself once the filming wrapped, keeping, among other things, 12 pairs of the same Swarovski Crystalline
cocktail glasses used in a wedding scene that retailed for $4,680
. And that wasn't even the clothes! On set sources told The Post that Parker kept some of her $10 million wardrobe as fashion diva Carrie Bradshaw, including a $9,000 Pucci dress that was apparently given to her by label. Gifting is obviously an acceptable practice but it seemingly wasn't enough since Parker then went on to ask for a pair of Rene Caovilla knee-high boots which the movie staff had to beg the label to let go of. That is not cool.

So why, as an obvious millionaire married to another obvious
millionaire (Matthew Broderick), does SJP feel the need to swipe all
this swag? The Post investigates the tacky practice as stemming from
her modest roots, growing up in a low-income family in Cincinnati and
becoming the main breadwinner as a child actress on Broadway. Parker
has credited her childhood in multiple interviews as the reason to why
she's typically frugal with her funds, even now as a high paid Hollywood
actress. So does that justify nabbing luxury goods when she can now
clearly afford them?

The Post goes on to run through the laundry list of other advertising ventures and product endorsements Parker has created over the years. The movie, for one, is chock full of name brand products from the film's sponsors—from Skyy Vodka cosmos to Hewlett-Packard laptops. And as the new "chief creative officer" for the Halston Heritage brand, Parker also happened to slip in a bunch of Halston Heritage looks into Bradshaw's wardrobe, timed perfectly with the brand's retail debut. Outside of  'SATC', Parker is also the face of Garnier beauty products and has used her style influence to launch six different scents over the past five years. As The Post says, "A lot of people would call that good business. Others would call it grasping." Whatever you choose to call it, its still disappointing that an actress as highly respected (and highly compensated) as Parker is, is still making headlines about being cheap and greedy. Hopefully this will be the first and the last we'll have to hear about her questionable practices.

Read the full New York Post article here.

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  1. Lauren-Second City Style says:

    This totally bums me out! She makes a gazillion times more than the rest of us, yet we have to pay for the stuff she is peddling? Guess only schmucks have to pay. Growing up poor is no excuse. Well, I for one will not be wearing a Halston Heritage dress unless it’s gifted to me. Hear that SJP?

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