Too Thin to Model?

May 18, 2010 • Off-Topic


Wladyka's Healthy cover compared to her regular modeling photos 


Hopefully a trend that's ready to cross the waters soon: PhotoShop being used to make models looks bigger.

The editors of Healthy had to add a few pounds to Polish model Kamilla Wladyka on their April cover. Jane Druker, editor of the magazine even said that they "had to put on about half a stone", after the model showed up to shoot looking less than "healthy". Other reports say that the image was enhanced by at least two to three stones. One stone equals about 14 pounds. So, the idea that airbrushers had to add anywhere up to 42 pounds is a serious problem. 

"There were plenty of clothes that we couldn't put on her because her bones stuck out too much," Druker said. "She looked beautiful in the face, but really thin and unwell. That's not a reflection of what we do in our magazine, which is about good health."

Details on Wladyka's modeling card list her at a size 6 with a 24 inch waist.

-Taneisha Jordan

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