Bad Fashion Judgment Du Jour. The Thong Bootie

May 20, 2010 • Fashion


The 'thong-bootie'.

I mean why? Seriously, why? "You got your thong in my bootie, you got your bootie in my thong. See? It just sounds wrong." And it looks worse! Yes, I am talking about the half thong sandal, half bootie which I am sadly starting to see hitting the city streets worn with shorts and skirts. They are hideous. Don't believe me? Ask any man you know. I took an informal poll and guess what? Men hate them! Separately, not bad. Together? Ridiculous!

As Carol so perfectly put it "Great for puffy ankles – I don't really hate these quite as much as Crocs. These look like a gladiator costume to me… keep the mosquitos off your ankles." Um, yeah.

These scream fashion victim…a very bad idea.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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