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May 21, 2010 • Beauty

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RoC® BRILLIANCE™ Day Rejuvenating Moisturizer SPF 20

What's so brilliant about the RoC® BRILLIANCE™ COLLECTIONS? You can actually see visible results in 3 days. I'm not kidding. I have loved RoC products for years and used to go to Canada to buy them. So when I was sent samples of these new products I was eager to try them.

Inspired by the latest electro-stimulation procedures, RoC® BRILLIANCE™ is an innovative two-step system that combines patented E-PULSE™ micro-current technology found in the ACTIVATING SERUM with uniquely formulated companion crèmes infused with the Boosting Complex, a proprietary blend of powerful anti-aging ingredients. When the two formulas are combined, the power of the E-PULSE™ technology is enhanced by the Boosting Complex, which increases the rapid flow of ions to dramatically rejuvenate the look of skin much like in-office skin  stimulating procedures.

I tried two of the products in the new line:

1. RoC® BRILLIANCE™ Day Rejuvenating Moisturizer SPF 20 $49.99

First I applied the Activating Serum and then the Rejuvenating Crème SPF 20. Immediatly my skin felt softer and smoother. After a few days I noticed I looked more radiant, and my skin felt firmer and my fine lines and wrinkles (yes, I have a few) appeared
diminished. My makeup also went on better and I needed less, almost like a primer. After a month the visible results were even better!

2. RoC® BRILLIANCE™ Eye Beautifier $49.99

Roc brilliance eye copy I used this product at night. You can use it during the day too, but make sure to then apply SPF. First I applied the Activating Serum in equal amounts around the entire eye area, including the lid, above the crease, the outer crease and under my eyes. Then I immediately applied by the Beautifying Crème. I noticed a reduction in my fine lines around my eyes almost immediately. After 4 weeks I noticed my crow's feet were greatly reduced. I don't really have puffiness, but due to a lack of sleep (baby) I do have some darkness and I have noticed that area looks much brighter.

There is also a  RoC® BRILLIANCE™ Night Recharging Moisturizer $49.99 which I did not try, but am sure is brilliant as well.

Available at most drugstores and

– Lauren Dimet Waters

FTC Disclosure: Product sample received for review.
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