Sex and the Sellout

May 21, 2010 • Lifestyle

Yesterday came news about that Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker was a bit of a money-grubbing shill… so this article is doing nothing to refute those (seemingly very true) statements.

Many avid "Sex and the City" fans know that Carrie Bradshaw uses a Mac to write all of her articles. Hell, the laptop even had its own storyline in one episode! So, many might be confused to see her new laptop is an HP.

Hewlett-Packard signed a sponsorship with "Sex and the City 2", so those will be the only brands of computers you'll be seeing in the movie. 

The New York Post summed up the situation very well, in fact:

"Every aspect of Carrie's life is reduced to a vignette that can be monetized: Going to the Gym (sip on Lipton Sparkling diet green tea, an official sponsor of the new movie!), Having Cocktails with Girlfriends (try a specialized cocktail from Skyy, the movie's 'official vodka'!), Getting Married (Swarovski paid to be featured prominently in the film) and, of course, Working On Laptop, Staring Wistfully Out the Window (Hewlett-Packard partnered with the movie so its laptops would be featured, and SJP will appear in the computer company's ads, of course)."

Don't forget the fact that the all too famous white Halston dress shown in every commercial, as well as the first official movie poster went on sale the day the poster was released. Not only that, but of the 41 looks worn by Parker in the sequel, five of them are Halston. This only helps Parker as the new chief creative officer of Halston. 

So, is it true? Sex and the City is just one big commercial/ advertisement/ catalog for all the shiny things in life? Say it ain't so!

-Taneisha Jordan



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2 Responses to Sex and the Sellout

  1. Poochie says:

    Who are we kidding? Of course it is just like many other guy movies (Hello, Iron Man!). And frankly, every other movie. If I see a brand displayed I automatically think it has bought it’s way in. But why is it that when a woman helms it and produces the movie and agrees to help promote the brands that she’s a sell out anymore than any other star?

  2. jordana says:

    As far as the HP thing goes, I think it’s smart marketing – they are debuting their new PCs in the movie and are paying more attention to women than most of their competitors.
    Remember the Bag Borrow or Steal mention in the first movie? That wasn’t pay per play…it was written into the scipt. That really surprised me…what a win for Avelle (too bad they changed their name around the same time).

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