WTF! The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

May 21, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Amfar's 2010 Cinema Against AIDS gala marks the final leg of 'Getting Dress Up and Going All Out' season for celebrities. All the major awards shows are over, most of the film festivals have ended and before summer gets to be too steamy for makeup to hold up, Amfar holds its annual charity gala for the most glamorous people on the planet. Familiar faces in fashion, film and society fly out to France for whats arguably the most glamorous event of the season. This year's crop of red carpet fashions rivaled any awards show of the year. The looks were overall amazing, with some starlets stepping out in the finest we've seen them, well, ever. But with that many cultures and tastes under on roof, there's bound to be some serious mishaps as well. You'll notice these looks may not be too terrible in a regular scale, for this glammed out uber-event, they were still the bottom of the pile.  

Rachel Bilson

Comment: After Charlize Theron's chest-centered mishap at the Academy Awards, one would think that celebs would stray away from designs that have patterns focusing on "the girls". Its not that this gown is awful on Bilson, but as the only accent on an all black palette, her little chest-covering starburst designs stick out that much more, taking all the focus away from how elegant the rest of the ensemble is.

She's Thinking:  They look like fireworks!

Dree Hemingway

Comment: Again, its one little snafu that ruins the aesthetic of an outfit. Hemingway's bandage dress would have been so cute with that electric yellow strip just by itself. The color echoed again in the shoes made the perfect touch. It did not, as one can clearly see, need a random swath of fabric trailing down her leg and getting caught in her shoes. This makes the whole ensemble as if her dress is actually unraveling and just comes off looking more sloppy than chic.

She's Thinking: I like the "unfinished" look!

Diane Kruger

Comment: We often have a love/hate relationship with Kruger's fashion choices. Many times we want to like them so much, but we just can't get on board. This dress is another example of just that-it has all the right intentions of being really pretty but, there's just too much going on for it all to work. The halter, the off the shoulder cap sleeves, the asymmetrical hemline, the bow the ruffles, its all just too much. Choosing one or two of these elements would have worked better, though I would really have liked to have seen the skirt as a floor-length gown.

She's Thinking: But how can I not show off these legs??

Margherita Missoni

Comment: I have to say, I'm just a little disappointed with the Missoni effort here. At the helm of such an impressive label, one would think Margherita would have her pick of the litter. Where's the color?! Where's the signature chevron stripe?! This blah, bland, nothing of a dress would be forgettable in any situation, much less when held up against the stunning assortment of the evening (even Paris Hilton looked great!)

She's Thinking: I'm a designer; As long as everyone else looks good, I don't need to.

Suzanne "Africa" Enge

Comment: I saved the best for last. Is this some kind of joke?? Enge's outlandish choice of color at least beats Missoni's blandness, but of course she takes it so far over the top that its not even possible to salvage. The wrinkly dress looks like a cross between a prom, a pageant and a pastel garbage bag. And it doesn't help that her tattoos and white sneakers (!) make her look that much more like a member of the NBA in drag.

She's Thinking: This is as fancy as I get!

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput 

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