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May 26, 2010 • Fashion


Bonnie J Brown for Second City Style Magazine

When it comes to fashion, symmetry is more often than not a deciding
factor if a garment is flattering to the feminine figure. Designers use
balance and proportion to make their clothing aesthetically appealing,
however, the emerging trend of one-sleeved garments and asymmetrical
dresses is making a comeback
. The one shoulder dress, with its
biased cut and lack of regard for balance in the traditional sense, is
once again all the rage. Yet, this asymmetrical design element often
requires a higher skill set in draping and the ability to do away with
frivolous accouterments. Instead simplicity of design and diagonal lines
are what bring out the elegance of the garment.

The ancient Roman toga is obviously the first garment to feature
this cut
; yards upon yards of fabric were wrapped and draped about
the figure to create a loose gown for men and women alike, although
eventually it only became suitable for men to wear. There was little to
no sewing involved so it’s no wonder that athletes during that time
often performed naked and any physical labor was done in a simple tunic.
Because of all the fabric, togas could be quite burdensome, but it was
considered the only appropriate form of dress of the time. Yet however
innovative and respected the toga was, it was Roy Halston Frowick,
a.k.a. Halston, who ultimately perfected the asymmetrical look
. His
gowns with off-centered features were worn by Bianca Jagger, Anjelica
Huston, Lauren Bacall
and other beauties from the 1970s and his
gowns, now considered vintage, are still worn by many celebrities today.

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