Beauty Buzz. Can UV Dryers Cause Skin Cancer?

May 27, 2010 • Beauty


So the beauty department at Glamour magazine just put up a little tidbit of info for all of us mani maniacs. Apparently, the little polish dryers at your local nail salon may not be your friend after all. Since they emit UV rays like the sun in order to dry our piggies quicker, they also risk the development of skin cancer. No joke! Dermatologist Neal Schultz of DermTV told Glamour's camp that studies are now linking UV nail dryers to a rise in the number of cases
of skin cancer on the fingers.
The more often they are used, the greater the potential risk.  Schultz said of the UV dryers, “Reports of unusual numbers of skin
cancers on the fingers of frequent users are compelling reasons to
avoid them until controlled studies can demonstrate safe parameters for
their use
(if they even exist)." Even though it has yet to be proven as actual cause, Glamour advises to opt out of using the UV dryers for the old standby fan as a means of drying, or to just swipe on a quick-drying topcoat and wait. So, fair warning or urban beauty myth? You decide.

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-Alia Rajput

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