Feel the Love (Of Your Creepy, Stalker-ish Crocs)

May 27, 2010 • Off-Topic

Not many things scare me in this world: centipedes, walking under Chicago skyscrapers during the waning winter months with dangerous pieces of falling ice, paying full price for an item only to have it go on sale days after my receipt expires…

I'm pretty sure this commercial ranks above centipedes now.

This is the commercial for the 2010 campaign for Crocs called 'Feel the Love'. Of course, after a long day of work, one wants nothing but to sit and relax on the couch with a good book. What one does not want, are her creepy shoes stalking her out of the closet, only to grab onto her ankles, attempting to bring her down. I don't care how comfortable those shoes are, they scare me as they stalk you from your own closet. The Old Navy flip flops have never done anything like that! They respect my privacy!

And even the name of the campaign is creepy! Feel the Love? I don't ever want my shoes to have their own personal feelings of my feet.

Take a peek, if you dare…

-Taneisha Jordan

Video: youtube.com

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