Warm-Weathered Footwear for the Working Woman

May 29, 2010 • Magazine

Warm-Weathered Footwear for the Working Woman

Warm-Weathered Footwear for the Working Woman

Mon, 2000-05-29 06:00

Rachel Yeomans

I am very excited to report that I have officially packed away my winter boots and woolen socks and dusted off my shoeboxes carrying my warm-weather sandals! During this very exciting spring cleaning process, I did notice that some of these sandals needed a bit of ‘dusting off’ as well. In honor of the Memorial Day ‘official’ entry into summer, I decided to take the weekend and get my first pedicure and show it off with a few new pairs of open-toed and strappy pieces of footwear!

Granted as most of my footwear revolves around office-appropriate soles, budget had to be referenced as I don’t want to only don an expensive summer sandal one day out of the week!

Therefore I decided to do the consumer-conscience act and buy smart versus “buying pretty.” I wear a lot of solid-colored dresses and color-blocked skirts and tops on the sunny weekends, so I needed some sandals that would go with all of these looks. Sandals to throw on that are comfortable for boutique shopping, fashionable for outdoor café seating, and versatile with all my weekend summer ensembles. (And of course, frugal to not outdo my much-more-often-worn office pumps!)

Considering that I wear a mix of colors and steer away from patterns, I decided that a bone-colored or neutral toned sandal is a must. This sandal I can wear with all colors (including both black and brown) and the light tone of the bone neutral always adds a bit of class and sheen to the ensemble. Personally I love wedges and kitten heels for a bit of height, however it is important to have at least one cushioned-sole sandal flat on hand as you never know how much city-strutting you may do in an afternoon.

There’s also an issue of dress. Casual sandals are quite necessary, however I do feel it’s important to have a pair of heeled black dress sandals to jazz up the special wrap dress for that special occasion. Metallic accents are also good attributes to dress up any sandal wedge!

In total, I believe a total of four sandals provide a great roundabout collection and can easily last through at least one summer season. If they go longer, you can always add to the collection with patent red sandals, bejeweled flats, etc. But I’m proud to say that I now have my basics to build from, I kept within my budget and they flaunt my pedicure perfectly! Looking forward to seeing you on the sidewalk this summer!

1. Vivianz Nina Platform Wedge $113
2. Perlina Luxury Comfort Footwear JOJO $81
3. BCBGeneration Hyla Gold Wedge $59.50
4. Type Z Lucky Wedge $74.76
5. Kenneth Cole Reaction Know Show Sandal $79
6. Kenneth Cole Reaction Snow Zone Sandal $69
7. Nine West Higher Sandal $69

Image layout: Tiffany Carlin

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