Beauty News. Revlon Launches New Fruitful Temptations: Scented Nail Polish!

June 2, 2010 • Beauty


First there was Shrek nail polish for OPI, now Revlon has launched its new 'Fruitful Temptations' scented nail polish line. The fruity-luscious line is retailed around $5.00 a bottle, (not bad considering nail polish will normally last a little over a month) but seriously doesn't nail polish give off toxic fumes anytime you open a bottle? Just when you think you've seen all the flips and tricks that the beauty industry has to offer, WHAM! One brand pulls out all the stops! The Revlon polish varies in eight different shades including mega sparkle and scents that mimic tropical fruit and sorts. I keep thinking about are the scratch and sniff stickers that I toted about on my hand as a kid! The menu includes, Not So Blueberry, Coconut Crush, Mad about Mango, Sublime Strawberry, and a few others to rock your senses. Talk about unique ways to curb your appetite! Just sniff your nails!

Shop Revlon online and local retail outlets.

– Nicole L. Townsend



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2 Responses to Beauty News. Revlon Launches New Fruitful Temptations: Scented Nail Polish!

  1. Elle says:

    This isn’t a new idea, actually. Scented nail polishes were very popular back in the 90’s; don’t know if there were any even before then but I remember having oodles of them when I was a teen. I loved them, and am anxious to try one of the Revlon polishes to see how they compare to those I had when I was younger.
    And what are you talking about, nail polish will last a little over a month? LOL 😉 Maybe the tiny bottles from Bon Bons and for someone who only has one color that they use to repaint their nails with every few days. I’ve got loads of nail polish and most of them are at least a year old, many are much older than that and are still perfectly fine!

  2. NT says:

    Thank you for following Second City Style, Elle! I’m an avid user of Essie Nail polish, (small portions) not to mention that I am obsessed with polishing both my hands and feet at least once a week. On average, nail polish should be replaced yearly, but since I love to switch up colors frequently, I run through my stash like water!:-)

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