Chicago Events. The 5th Annual Chicago Healthy Living Challenge Kicks off @ Navy Pier this Weekend!

June 4, 2010 • Events

This weekend, thousands will gather at Navy Pier to participate in the 5th Annual Chicago Healthy Living Challenge starring Mario Lopez – TV personality and brand spokesperson for Celsius Energy Drink. During the event, Celsius will be on site to introduce participants to its specific and unique benefits of maintaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Weight lose successor, Lisa Valentino, lost 180 lbs utilizing a combination of exercising with a trainer, eating properly, and the metabolism booster energy drink, Celsius. Valentino notes, however, that there is no "real secret" to losing and maintaining weight lose; rather, it's a matter of forming your own plan of action to benefit most from your goals. "You have to be honest with yourself first before you attempt to do what the next person does, she says. We already know the secrets to losing weight and that is you have to watch your calorie, (intake) you have to choose a program that works for you, and you have to move." Generally, Lisa's daily regimen includes consuming the Celsius energy drink before her workouts in the morning – consisting of cardio and weight training. She is also participating in Celsius' Ultimate Workout Challenge Summer Campaign that serves to inspire Americans to get in shape.

For more information and to sign up to take the Celsius Ultimate Workout Challenge, please log on here . "This is a new lifestyle for me, and I absolutely love it, says Valentino. I wouldn't change it for the world."

The Chicago Healthy Living Challenge takes place on Saturday, June 5 from 12 noon-3 pm and on Sunday, June 6 from 12-2 pm with special guest, Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser. To learn more about the event, please check out the website online. 

To learn more about Celsius online. 

– Nicole Townsend



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