WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

June 4, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Michelle Harper at the amFAR New York Inspiration Gala in New York

Comment: Though we're clearly on the brink of avant-garde fashion becoming mainstream, I'm not so sure how I feel about anyone who's not Lady GaGa walking around looking like an art installation. Harper's cage-like sleeves are particularly weird, but I guess the times they are a changing.Call me old-fashioned but I still  prefer fashion to not to be in 3D.

She's Thinking: If I flap hard enough, I may be able to fly away.

Neal and Ruve McDonough at the premiere of 'The A-Team' in L.A.

Comment: Um, so this why acronyms like OMG are essential to our vocabulary. I don't care how much of an avid fan you are of any particular sports team, there is no place for that on a red carpet. Sports and fashion each have their appropriate venues, and never the twain shall meet (unless its Kobe rocking an Armani suit). But this is just tacky to the tenth degree and it doesn't help that she looks like she could play for the NBA herself. Oy vey.

She's Thinking: Want to see me dribble my husband like Kevin Garnett?

Anna Wintour at the Fresh Air Fund party in New York

Comment: So we always knew that Anna was somewhat of a bobble head with her tiny body poised and slightly larger perfectly coiffed bob. But when did she become Linda Hamilton from The Terminator with those guns?!! Her grotesquely overworked arms paired with her dainty floral dress and heels are just so bizarrely out of place. If I was her, I would stick to the spring Chanel jackets and take a day or two off from the bench press.

She's Thinking: If you piss me off now, I won't just fire you but I'll break your arms and legs too!

Patricia Field at the Fresh Air Fund Salute party in New York

Comment: Field has been creating quite a bit of buzz this week with the premiere of 'Sex and the City 2', an enterprise that she's been famously styling for over a decade. But it hasn't all been praise this time around and she seems to be taking the news particularly hard by just rolling around in her closet and grabbing the first things she sees. Either that, or she's defending the critics' notions of the 'SATC' girls looking like drag queens by dressing like one herself.

She's Thinking: There's no such thing as too over the top!

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-Alia Rajput

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