Beauty Buzz. Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez Tangled in Fragrance War!

June 8, 2010 • Beauty



Iconic celebrities, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez are launching new fragrances within months of each other! So who's going to reign supreme here? Lopez, who launched her first fragrance in 2002, has managed to earn a whopping $1 billion fragrance empire, while Berry is a newbie in this business. According to a recent interview with WWD, Berry credits her new fragrance and its theme to motherhood. "[Motherhood] challenges me and makes me question myself and who I really am all the time. So for this [fragrance and campaign] to come along at this time in life just seemed kind of like it goes together." When WWD spoke with Lopez, she expressed a very similar motivation for her new scent. "[Here] it was right after the babies and was when I was getting back to work and getting back to what I do again. It just felt like a time of a lot of love and that seemed very romantic to me — I said it seems like love and glamour.” Berry's new fragrance, 'Reveal', will launch nationwide in stores sometime in August 2010. 'Love and Glamour', by Lopez will launch later in October.  With a bit of a head start, I think I'm going going with the underdog on this one. Whose fragrance would you choose? We'd love to hear your feedback!

– Nicole L. Townsend

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