Hannah Montana Say What???

June 9, 2010 • Celebrity Style





We’ve scolded her before for some unnecessarily scandalous wardrobe choices, but Miley Cyrus is at it again. Her new single “Can’t Be Tamed” is the official guarantee that the sweet, innocent gal we once knew is long gone. The debut of this song is what Cyrus has been waiting for, an excuse to sex it up, to the point of no return!


Even Madonna and Britney, who wore this costume at a much older age than Cyrus, decided to throw a pair of pantyhose underneath!

Typically, performers who wear barely-there costumes will throw on a nude body suit or pantyhose underneath, oh but she never would dare try that! She’s the real deal. Usually people try to ease out of the “young girl” stage, but Cyrus is bolting from it like a deer running from a lion! Her parents must be so proud.

Story Source: SCS
Photo Source: Zimbio

-Heather Youkhana

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