Beauty Buzz. The Grey Trend: Is Grey Hair the new Black?

June 10, 2010 • Beauty


I must say, I know we all will age. The day the infamous 'grey hairs' begin to grow, what we once knew was a youthful life seems to suddenly come to a halt as we are forced to come to grip that we are getting older! Some of us embrace and some of us dread it, however my grandmother is 81 years old, and she has not yet let her crown of glorious greys be seen by the world. But as we see some are embracing, and some not even old enough to even get grey hair are coloring their hair to what we associated with being 'Over the Hill"!

Is going grey the new trend ? Well according to stars such as supermodel Kate Moss, Kelly Osbourne and songstress Pink, grey is becoming the new black. They have gone as far as dying their locks grey, as some are naturally displaying their own grey hair, like Jamie Lee Curtis

300 Will we now embrace our few grey hairs and go natural? If you would like to try the grey trend, here are some tips from Infusium 23 Hair Health Expert Gavin Harwin:

With gray hair, it’s important to avoid things that look like roller sets and teasing.  Think simple and modern, not retro, to keep it fresh.
Gray hair can be drier and coarser.  Add moisture and control frizz with Infusium 23 Frizz Controller Leave-In Treatment which infuses the hair cuticle with nutrients to provide smoothness, control and protection against frizz.
Try a cool, short haircut which makes gray hair look young and hip.

Not sure if I will ever jump on the trend of grey hair, but I do know for sure, I do admire those that wear it proudly. Heck, if anything it was earned! 

—Kelley Woods for Second City Style


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