Ask the Bean: Beating the Office Heat

June 13, 2010 • Magazine

Ask the Bean: Beating the Office Heat

Ask the Bean: Beating the Office Heat

Tue, 2000-06-13 09:00

Dear Bean:

As we’re starting the hot and muggy days, I’ve been wearing a lot of skirts and dresses at the office to keep cool. However I’m feeling a little restricted to just wearing those items. Are there more creative ways I can keep cool at work while still looking professional?

Skirt Overload

Dear Overload:

The office dress code is restrictive enough, and then add 90 degrees and humidity to the scenario (not to mention the drastic shift in temperature from the air conditioning), and your dress code becomes even more tailored.

Yes, dresses are a great way to keep cool – as are skirts and blouses – however, sometimes we just want to wear a pair of shorts! Unfortunately, shorts aren’t the type of attire appropriate in the workplace. BUT, there are always the Bermuda shorts or the cropped pants.

Check of course with your office environment, but most offices allow these lighter versions of the office pant. Pair them with a cute tucked-in blouse (perhaps with a cardigan on hand for the frigid office air) and some mary jane pumps, and you have a fantastically fashionable office look for the dog days of summer!

1. Alexander McQueen Wool-Crepe Cropped Pants $715
2. Joseph Lace King Cropped Pants $795
3. Christopher Blue ‘Arata’ Crop Twill Pants $118
4. Gloria Vanderbilt Striped Bermuda Shorts $36
5. Cassidy Point Tab Wideleg Crop $50.50
6. Cassidy Point Tab Wideleg Crop $59.50

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