Cram for Her: Chicago Boutique Review

June 14, 2010 • Shopping

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Left: Owner Marc Engel

Cram for Her is book-ended by my two favorite spots in Boys Town which are Buffalo Exchange and Tokyo Sushi. I can't help but add this store to my "must hit" list when I'm in the neighborhood since they have everything I'm looking for in a "staple" boutiqueuniqueness, affordability, and selection!

The first reason why this store was so different from the ones I've visited was because of all the odd pairings throughout the store, specifically gags gifts and accessories. For example, financially dissected piggy banks wiggle their tail at a thick stack of plastic watches at one display, while at another, a pot of mints shaped like bullets caress an abacus shaped rack of sparkling bulbous earrings. The quirky visual merchandising makes shopping intriguing while adding a shot of humor into the mix. It's been a while since I've been to a boutique that melds these two aspects together so well!

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All the goodies in Cram for Her

Secondly, the prices are amazing. Pretty
much nothing's over a hundred dollars except for one or two pieces of
jewelry. My sister, who's still in college and works part-time couldn't
help but marvel at a sweet baby pink top with a crocheted back and its $30
price tag
. She would have undoubtedly paid more at any one of her other
shopping haunts for a similar look. I think my sis was proof that
anybody can leave with something!


Live models in the window

Lastly, I'm infatuated with
the "less is more" tactic Cram has utilized. I'm sick of going into
stores that are filled to the gills with junk pieces and leaving the
store exhausted even before I've even touched anything. At Cram for Her,
each article of clothing has enough space to breath and for you to
totally soak up all the great details of the garment. Also, there's pretty much a "must have" piece on every rack. These reasons are probably the most compelling ones as to why I'll be coming back!

If your a fanatic like I am for neighborhood
boutiques then Cram for Her cannot be missed. Clear out a good chunk on
your calendar before your plan a visit. I was only planning
to take 10-15 minutes tops but didn't end up leaving until an hour
later! Time sure does fly when you're having fun…shopping!

Cram for Her- 3343 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657

-Yen Le

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