Anastasia Chatzka Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Show

June 15, 2010 • Fashion Shows

Anastasia chatzka 001_ss10_yen_le_second_city_style
Anastasia Chatzka front door greeters

Upon reaching the walkway to The International Museum of Surgical Science last Friday, two  statuesque models wearing elegant top hats and wispy tutus greeted guests with nonchalant stares and slight smiles. I thought this was a great way to direct people to the venue then per say, a crookedly drawn arrow exclaiming, "This way!"

After entering the foyer, the fact suddenly siank in that we were actually in a real mansion! Everything from fine Italian marble floors to the metal gilded grand staircase radiated wealth and courtliness. It's absolutely chilling to think of all the history there and how prestigious it was for Anastasia to secure such a fabulous place to celebrate her 1-year anniversary and her Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Anastasia chatzka 011_designer_yen_le_second_city_style

Anastasia herself in one of my favorite pieces of the collection!

While the show was being set up, the guests were asked to explore the exhibits and enjoy a few glasses of sparkling pink lemonade. A few moments later, everyone was ushered into the library, monument hall or standing gallery for the viewing of the collection.

The audience instantly became delighted with an exquisite collection 40's & 50's inspired summer frocks, party dresses, and skirts that displayed a hint of Parisian charm in the form of artfully placed lace overlay. A few continuous details I've noticed throughout the collection were cross back straps, big busty bows, and cascading tiered skirts in fun alternating colors. Anastasia sure has the knack for mixing fabrics you would totally think would of been a disaster, like checkered with floral prints, but she made it looked incredible together.

Anastasia chatzka 033_yen_le_second_city_style_ss10 Anastasia chatzka 028_yen_le_second_city_style_ss10

Easy breezy pieces for summer

Even though I was a fan of pretty much everything, I had a few personal favorites. One of them being a champagne colored skirt suit with a full peplum and a matching pill box hat. The other piece had to have been the flower patterned ball gown which tied the whole theme and the mansion together so nicely. 

I couldn't ask for a lovelier evening in Chicago. I was surrounded by superb fashion, interior opulence, and one of the finest designers in our splendid Second City. A girl couldn't ask for more…except maybe for Anastasia's whole Spring/Summer Collection! 

-Yen Le

Photo: Second City Style

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  1. Martha says:

    I think the front door greeters were a great idea.

  2. Yen Le says:

    I thought the idea was great too! Definitely can’t wait to attend her next collection.

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