Black is the New Black!

June 16, 2010 • Off-Topic


Scientists at Purdue and Norfolk State University have created a metamaterial that's being billed as the blackest black (a "perfectly black" material, if you will) color ever created

Metamaterials consist of a regular array of two or more tiny components, each smaller than the wavelengths of the light they interact with. It is this array-like internal structure that gives them their unusual properties. According to Evgenii Narimanov of Purdue University, this meta-material has the right internal strutcure to absorb virtually all light, By contrast, black objects always reflect a little bit of light.

Don't expect to see this black on the store shelves though. The material will mainly be used for making stealth military objects that will be invisible to radar detection. Though, one can assume that it won't be long until Anna Wintour is trying to get her hands on it.

-Taneisha Jordan



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