WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

June 18, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Miley Cyrus at the "Late Show with David Letterman" in New York

Comment: We know that Miley is trying to look more grown up with her new, sexier image. But dressing all grown up isn't going to make her taller, so not sure why she chose leather pants that were clearly two sizes too long. Stepping on well-made leather pants is the most heinous of fashion crimes.

She's Thinking: Maybe I can just cuff them….

Ashley Olsen at a YSL Fragrance launch in New York

Comment: Once again, Ashley Olsen shows off the latest looks in homeless couture, only this time she channels a flasher as well with her baggy, over-sized trenchcoat. The turban may have worked on someone else (or with a different outfit) but here it just adds to the fact that her ensemble is swallowing her whole.

She's Thinking: I thought it was supposed to rain today. Indoors.

Helen Mirren at the premiere of "Jonah Hex" in L.A.

Comment: So, its not that this outfit is horrible. If anything, it's age appropriate for the always regal Mirren. But that's just the problem! Mirren always steps out looking smoking hot and saying to hell with the conventions of what her age dictates she should wear. So it's off-putting when she shows up to an event looking frumpy and kinda school marm-y. Maybe it's the unflattering dimensions of the cropped sweater or the awkward length of the dress but, in either case, we can forgive (this time) and hopes she shows up in a plunging neckline soon enough.

She's Thinking: This outfit is actually my daughter's.

Kristen Stewart at the premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" in Rome

Comment: So this gorgeous dress, which can only be Marchesa, is an odd choice for Stewart. Sure it black and goth-y enough for her moody demeanor, but it also radiates this voluminous glamour that she just doesn't embody (sorry Kristen fans!) Many a time in her recent celebrity has she been photographed looking awkward in the clothes she's wearing, but I've never seen a dress wearing a person more than this. She needs to step it up!

She's Thinking: Only 25 more minutes till I can get this off and go to bed…..24…..23….

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-Alia Rajput

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