Food for your Feet

June 23, 2010 • Accessories


Bordering between cute and somewhat insane…

There is one pair of what is being described as the "Brisket flip flop" available at Etsy. For $295, some lucky soul can get a pair of summer flip flops that will confuse and hunger all those around her. Maybe even get a couple of inches of height considering that sandwich is stacked with three types of deli meats.

The designer describes the shoe as "dyed foam form for flip flop decorated with, various, fabrics, trims, and crystal rhinestones". Well as long as they have crystal rhinestones… otherwise, you'd just look silly.

-Taneisha Jordan

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2 Responses to Food for your Feet

  1. Carol says:

    Too funny!

  2. Hahaha! The flip flop design was impressive! Wow.. for only $295.. I will definitely recommend this to my sister. Thanks for sharing!

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